Meet Cameron, the Clifton’s Very Own Pastry Chef

Portrait of Pastry Chef with a part of a chandelier at The Clifton
A table with a selection of pastries and other food items served at The Clifton
Close-up of Cinnamon Roll served on a plate with cream on top at The Clifton
Coffee and pastries arranged on a table in front of a warm fireplace at The Clifton
Two brown bear bread on a plate next to a mug with coffee at The Clifton
Top view of variety of cookies arranged on a white plate at The Clifton
Danish pastry, Puff Pastry & Muffins served with flower décor at Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar near The Clifton

Summer is finally winding down with autumn around the corner, UVA students moving back in and football season! My favorite time of year.

I’ve always favored savory over sweet, but our pastry chef Cameron, who hails from right here in Charlottesville, changed all of that for good! Cameron came to us two years ago and what a shining star he has become here at Clifton. Our complimentary continental breakfast has always been delicious, but he has taken it to another level.

Cameron started baking doughnuts and biscuits at the age of 6, right around kindergarten, with his mother. He was making lunch and dinner by the age of 8, all with a great passion that he still brings to the kitchen every day. Oh, I mean night! He’s never been able to sleep much past 3:00 am, so he comes to Clifton in the middle of the night to bake his prized pastries. Our guests taste the freshness and love of three different creations every morning. And boy do they rave!! Lemon and orange combo flavors are his favorite and he makes his own fillings, too. Don’t even get me started on his array of fresh cookies that I hand out every morning at check out. Yummy!

Artisan bread is Cameron’s trade, and his wheat bread is the best in town. And I know this because Charlottesville bread is my expertise. I love great bread, but then again, who doesn’t? Toasted with Clifton butter is sinful, but I break down occasionally and devour it.

In Cameron’s spare time, he plays music, writes, and draws. He is super creative all around. And most of all he wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s a fantastic pastry chef, but also a big sweetheart!!

Happy Fall!